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Personal Training VS Gyms


Which is more suited to you?

Have you been sedentary for the last few years?

Have you been going to the gym sporadically?

Have you been going to the gym and been doing the same program for some time?

Are you achieving what you'd like to?

Do you know what you'd like to achieve but are unsure how to go about it?

Whatever your aims and current situation, I hope the following will help you work out exactly what you need to do and how to progress from here.

I have been a trainer for 18 years now and am still just as passionate about health and fitness as I was when I started so here is an unbiased guide to get you moving in the right direction.

In my career I have trained people with all sorts of aims. Clients with injuries, pre and post natal pregnancy, disabilities, young, old, elite, unfit, after weight loss, toning, muscle name it.

Half my current clients are ones I have had stretching back to when I first started.

This is also the case for a lot of immortals trainers. Our clients have incorporated personal training as a regular part of their weekly schedule and used it to keep themselves on track with their health and fitness.

Other clients have joined along the way and generally are after a life change. Some clients are after a "quick fix" to dramatically change themselves in preparation for a milestone or wedding, however, we generally try to encourage a more realistic approach that can be maintained throughout the rest of a clients life.

So what are you after?

Are you unsure whether to join a gym or try personal training?

In recent years, gyms, Crossfit boxes, Pilates and yoga studios, f45 gyms etc have been popping up everywhere; literally everywhere.

We are spoilt for choice.

So how do you know what's best for you?

Joining a gym:

How many people do you know that have joined a gym, stopped going after a month or two and continued to pay for a membership they never use?

Why do you think this happens?

If you aren’t

1. Highly self motivated

2. Completely sure of your technique

3. Have studied health and fitness and know exactly what specific exercises will help get the results you want

4. Be passionate enough to study and learn new exercises, training styles and incorporate them into a progressive and varied exercise regime..

Then you are more than likely to stop going after the initial motivation waivers.

We all develop bad habits with our technique, we all choose our favourite exercises more often than not, we all stick to things that we are good at rather than ones that really challenge us. Gyms can be super busy, intimidating and have no atmosphere.

However, they are cheap and they usually have a great selection of equipment to use. So if you are thinking of joining a gym, consider the things I have said. Getting help from a personal trainer will remove all the guess work and set you up with a routine you are confident in implementing to the best of your ability. We encourage many of our clients to attend a gym in between their sessions and they have continued with their membership because they get specific programs from us incorporating varied and progressive exercises. They also have someone to answer to " You'll be proud of me Byron, I went to the gym 3 times this week"


I love some aspects of Crossfit. I find it funny exercises and routines that have been around for years are suddenly "Crossfit" exercises and they will encourage you to believe Crossfit is the only way, which I also disagree with. However, if your body is free from injury and you are after improving your anaerobic fitness and strength and learning the heavy lifts with correct technique in an encouraging group environment, Crossfit could be for you.

F45, Curves, HIT:

These fitness centres can have their place. Just be wary of anywhere that gives you a generic program or one that isn't varied or progressing each week. Your body will get used to the exercises and will cease improving and you will more than likely lose motivation through a lack of inspiration and results.

Boot camp, Step into life:

These can be a great way of getting your day off to a healthy start. There is an awesome boot camp at Edwardes Lake, Reservoir, in fact. But how often will you hit that snooze button on a cold or wet morning?

Pilates and Yoga:

Personally, I love both of these and perform them regularly. They complement the stuff I do in my gym by improving my mobility and helping prevent as well as rehabilitate injuries. Just be careful with group Pilates classes like KX Pilates as there is no technique correction or specificity to individuals. If you know what you are doing then they are an enjoyable and challenging workout.

Personal training:

Health and fitness is what we do. You get the whole package. Whatever your aims, whatever you need, even 1 session per week will give you the motivation and guidance to achieve what you want.

Seeing a qualified trainer, you not only get help with diet, exercise between sessions, lifestyle advice, session variety and encouragement to try your best, you get on going support as you work your way towards bettering yourself. "I think you have given us different exercises every week!"

Immortal fitness is not a gym. Everyone training there is with a trainer. You don't have to wait for equipment, everyone who walks through the door feels welcome, it's not in the slightest bit intimidating, it has a community feel, we can incorporate ANY style of training in your sessions and most importantly, we care about you and are passionate about helping you.

We have trainers specializing in strength, power lifting, sports specific training, training athletic or inactive teenagers, training people over 50 years of age, body building for stage, while the rest of us use our experience over a broad range of training styles to cover all bases, whatever your aims.

In a modern world where time is a precious commodity, seeing a trainer will give you the most specific and efficient workout and challenge you beyond your usual limits. One session with us could be as effective as two on your own.

If you want or need some individual attention then 1 on 1 sessions might be for you.

Otherwise you can bring friends, family or simply join an existing group to save a little money and challenge yourself with the dynamic of a group setting.

We are so experienced in training groups that we manage to cater for individuals even within a group setting.

It's common for a group of 6 to 8 to consist of a pregnant woman, someone after weight loss, someone after muscle development, someone training for an event and one or two people with injury limitations. This is what we do and everyone gets what they need out of a session.

The Verdict:

Whatever direction you decide to head in with your health and fitness, I personally believe longevity is the most important thing and this is achieved through variety.

My week will consist of a swim, injury rehabilitation, Reformer Pilates, yoga, some cardiovascular exercise, free weights and roughly 3 sessions of body weight functional training. I have always maintained variety in my training and I have barely had a rest day my whole life. I plan my life around health and fitness, not the other way around. Admittedly, this is a bit extreme and you don't need to follow in these footsteps. However, varying your exercise will keep things interesting and give you an all round fitness.

Financially, weigh up what will benefit you in the long run. You could pay $70 or $80 per month for a gym membership, stop going after 2 months, keep paying until you eventually go in and cancel your membership, then think about what you will try next.

You could come to immortal, do 1 on 1 or group training and get on going encouragement and advice and incorporate training into your routine and have the best chance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Or you could join a gym, come and see one of our trainers who will set you up with a specific training regime and continue on your own, maybe seeing us once a month for new programs and technique consolidation.

In all honesty, exercise should be a daily habit. As common as doing something like brushing your teeth in the morning. It shouldn't be deliberated over, feared or avoided. It's hard to change your mindset but that's what we are here for. Having a regular appointment with a personal trainer is the first step toward helping you address all your health and fitness requirements.

So YES! I believe personal training is far more beneficial than all other options out there for the majority of people. Would I still be training clients after 18 years if I didn't? I take great pride in changing people's lives and this translates across the board at immortal fitness.

Everything i have talked about is just my opinion. This opinion has been formed through my lifetime of experiencing all forms of exercise with an open mind and also through 18 years of training hundreds of people in all walks of life.

All I can say is give us a go and I guarantee you will see what we are about straight away.