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    Build a healthy body - Develop a healthy mind - Become immortal.



    Do something for me, and yourself, if not right now, sometime today....


    Clear your mind of the past and the future and think about the things that are most important to you right now.


    How are you currently going with these things?


    Are you where you want to be?


    Unless you take action life will continue as it was and the areas needing more attention will remain as they were.


    Is your health and fitness and strength important to you?


    It should be.


    Even if its not top of the list, think about the benefits of being fit and healthy and how they enhance other aspects of your life- family, love, travel, stress levels, adventure, mental health, work to name a few.....


    Immortal Fitness is completely different to your average franchise gym.

    Eveyone that trains with us is training with a trainer either in a group or 1 on 1 setting.

    Over the last 23 years we have built a lovely supportive community of people that consider their sessions with us the highlight of their week.


    We have loads of teens and people in their 70's and everyone in between.


    We have a wonderful space and trainers I am very proud of.


    NOW is always the perfect time to start or progress with your health and fitness journey.

    Who knows, one session with us could be the beginning of a massive change to your life!


    Call me on 0417383119


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    – Byron