Pre-purchase a block of 1 hour one-on-one sessions for yourself or a group.

    1 PERSON

    1 Session $75

    5 Sessions $350

    10 Sessions $680

    20 Sessions $1290

    2 PEOPLE

    1 Session $110 ($55PP)

    5 Session $530 ($265PP)

    10 Session $1000 ($500PP)

    20 Session $1850 ($925PP)

    3 PEOPLE

    1 Session $135 ($45PP)

    5 Sessions $645 ($215PP)

    10 Sessions $1200 ($400PP)

    20 Sessions $2010 ($670PP)

    4 PEOPLE

    1 Session $160 ($40PP)

    5 Sessions $760 ($190PP)

    10 Sessions $1400 ($350PP)

    20 Sessions $2400 ($600PP)


    Saturday classes

    1 Session $25

    4 Sessions $80 - Paid monthly


    (enquire for times)  


    Pre-existing group PT sessions

    Casual $40

    10 sessions $350

    20 sessions $600


    (enquire for days/times)


    Long standing results come with routine and consistency.


    This is critical in training and fitness and that's when great outcomes are achieved.


    If sessions are missed, not only does that impact you, it also impacts your trainer and the business.


    A 12 hour cancellation policy provides certainty for your trainer and our business and importantly encourages you to avoid breaking routine where possible and giving you the best chance to get the most out of your experience with us.

    A lot of our clients have 'prime time' slots that can be filled with another client if given enough notice.

    Cancellation payment will be taken out of session packs or if you pay casually you will have our bank details for transfer.


    Of course, if there are unusual or extenuating circumstances (and given the current situation with covid related illness) please let us know as soon as possible and we can discuss the options.


    The policy only applies to 'no-shows' and please remember sessions can still be rescheduled at no charge but this is based on availability.


    We are passionate about helping you achieve your aims and endeavor to make a difference to your life.


    We feel a cancellation policy is a good thing for everyone.