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    Immortal Fitness is back open!


    After such a long and frustrating period of time, the Immortal Team is so excited to be back training from our gym again.

    Although most of our clients maintained a regular training program through home workouts, online and park PT sessions, they are pumped to return to Immortal; to use our great equipment, interact face to face and do all those things they couldnt for the most part of the last 2 years.


    Currently, there is uncertainty and even fear around contraction of the virus but I'd like to reassure you our gym is a very safe place to train:

    **We are a fully vaccinated facility lowering the risk of contracting and passing on the virus

    ** we have a covid safe protocols in place to ensure the peace of mind and safety of our clients and staff.

    **in an area of 350m sq, the most people we ever have in at one time is around 25 people (= minimum of 14m sq per person)

    **with fans and a giant roller door we leave open, we are mixing fresh air with the air inside lowering the risk of transmission


    We are famous for our challenging workouts and our super friendly and encouraging environment and are ready to take on new clients.

    Its a new year and its going to be a bloody good one!

    We want to help you become fitter, stronger and healthier.

    NOW is the perfect time to contact us and get started.

    Who knows, one session with us could be the beginning of a massive change to your life!

    Call me on 0417383119


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    – Byron

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