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    April 16, 2018
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  • World class personal training studio in Melbourne's north

    Immortal fitness is a fully equipped, appointment only personal training studio.


    In the fitness industry there are so many different styles and methods of training - aerobics, CrossFit, body weight training, machine resistance training to name a few. Rather than limiting yourself to one style we believe in variety, using all styles of training to provide you with sustained results over a long period of time.

  • Byron Koester

    Owner and Head Trainer at Immortal Fitness

    A lucky guy...

    Byron Koester is one of those lucky people who has been able to make a living doing something he loves - keeping fit. “Fitness is my life! I love doing it, helping and watching others do it, studying it and talking about it. Sure, rest is also really important but I just don’t feel right unless I have done something each day. The energy and self-confidence and the way I feel now is mostly due to exercise but also the idea of prolonging my life is a key motivator... hence the name Immortal Fitness”.

  • How does it work?

    Take a look inside the studio and what it's like to train at Immortal Fitness

    Enjoy tailored one-on-one sessions or get involved in group classes


  • What we do...

    We are very proud of the facilities our studio offers, separating us from big name gyms or CrossFit boxes and allowing our large client base to try a multitude of exercises and activities. We encourage you to give us a go and experience this variety for yourself.

    We are a group of friendly, fully qualified trainers whose specialisations span from successful adventure racers, to CrossFit level 1 certified trainers and body builders, catering for all body types and levels of fitness.

    We aim to push you to your full potential each session and also help support you with our knowledge and experiences of diet and home exercise routines that work.

    What we offer:
    • New and innovative exercises that are fun and challenging
    • Both functional and regular gym equipment
    • Adventurous training techniques
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Fun runs and adventure days
    • Free newsletter featuring recipes and dietary and exercise programs and tips.

    We can help you with:
    • Reducing body fat/Weight-loss
    • Nutritional advice
    • Strength and muscular development
    • Increasing aerobic fitness
    • Body building
    • Healthy lifestyle changes
    • Pre/Post natal training
    • Training for over 50's
    • Childhood Obesity
    • Sports specific training
    • Injury Rehabilitation
    • Core stability
    • Giving you quality "me" time
    • Training for adventure races and Fun runs
    • Those simply looking for a great hour of calorie burning.

  • Our Trainers

    We always strive for your best.

    What do you need from your personal trainer?

    What do you need to look for when searching for a personal trainer? It is an investment in yourself and is not cheap so you want to make sure that your money is well spent and you are getting everything you can out of your sessions. Does the idea of someone yelling at you like an episode of The Biggest Loser make you want to run and hide under your bed? Read on to see what 5 things you should be looking for in a personal trainer.


    A personal trainer will have many different clients and there is not a one glove fits all approach. He or she must try and learn what motivates you and you should be forthcoming with what you think you will be motivated by. He or she should be patient with you and have the right kindness vs toughness balance and be able to push you to your limits. If you are aiming for long term goals it is important that you and your trainer understand it is not going to happen overnight and it is an investment of time from both of you.


    It is important that your trainer be honest with you in order for you to improve. You may have an assessment to begin with and set goals for yourself with your PT. It is important that these goals are revisited. A trainer who sets these with you and is never mentioned again is neglecting your need for improvement. You want to be able to make progress, you want to be able to voice your concerns with your current eating plan and how to improve it. Communication is key particularly with letting your trainer know how you feel today, that you are not up for a gruelling session off the back of a 5 day cold. You should feel comfortable asking for a modified session.


    You do not want to be hammered with the sale and sign up for 10 – 20 sessions – sale ends tomorrow. A pushy trainer may have a full week but how many of those are long-term clients? Your trainer should have their own philosophy, not just that of the workplace, what motivates them? Why did they choose this industry? A trainer who sets you a program to complete then has a 20 minute chat with a colleague or buddy is NOT PROFESSIONAL!


    Has your trainer completed some sort of formal training or are they a self professed trainer? Ask them about their credentials and years in the industry. What specialities do they have? Are you looking for a particular speciality yourself? 5 km run, pregnancy or post partum? To build up muscle? To loose body fat? To tone? As per communication make sure you explain your goals but ask how are we going to get you there?
    A PT should pay attention to detail with your set exercises to ensure that you are doing the movement correctly and teaching you and correcting you. The last thing you want is to be injured by not performing an exercise in the right way. Your trainer should also set you exercises or a routine for home so that you can aim to change your lifestyle inside and outside of the studio or gym.


    Like a GP, Psychologist or your boss, you will need to develop a relationship with your PT. Are you compatible? Is he or she capable of motivating you? Whilst it might just be that you don’t click with this person, don’t stay with them just because you feel awkward “breaking up” with them. Explain that their technique and personality doesn’t suit yours and can they recommend someone else, if they are professional they should understand the need for compatibility.


    Immortal Fitness has a massive range of fun and functional equipment allowing us endless ways to create new challenges for our clients. The vibe is always energetic and it's great to be around friendly, enthusiastic locals who love being fit and healthy. My training style is all about functional strength and testing limits - whether it's a new 1rm PB or developing the complmentary strength to power through your next marathon. And of course having fun while doing it!

    What I like about being a Personal Trainer, is helping people achieve their goals and overcome fear. Being a mum I also enjoy helping women prepare for pregnancy, stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and return to exercise post pregnancy.

    What I like about working at Immortal Fitness, is the social interactions, friendships and bonds that form within its own community. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere make it an amazing place to be.


    Being a personal trainer at Immortal is nothing but rewarding.
    Immortal Fitness is filled with supportive and hard working PT's and clients who are passionate about fitness. I find that very inspiring and it pushes me to be the best personal trainer I can be. Byron offers a space where I can do any kind of workout for my clients, such as pilates, HIIT, circuit, and strength training.
    Immortal is a space I enjoy going to work every day.


    I love immortal as the atmosphere and values that are displayed fall in line with my own personal values.
    I have been training for 14 plus years and have a wealth of knowledge around body composition through training stimuli and diet manipulation. By understanding peoples goals I am able to tailor a specific training style and diet suggestions to match their lifestyle to help them achieve their goals in the most effective manner possible.

    " As a Trainer at Immortal Fitness my aim is to quickly identify your goals & purposefully work towards you achieving them. My passion is to see you empowered, stronger, fitter, healthier & more in control of your own health & fitness. I want to see you invigorated when you walk out of a training session, knowing you did your best. I will definitely encourage you but you will be pushed. I am flexible in my approach but my core passion is seeing individuals become STRONGER ".




  • Our Training Fees

    Pre-purchase a block of 1 hour one-on-one sessions for yourself or a group.

    1 PERSON

    • 1 Session $70
    • 5 Sessions $325
    • 10 Sessions $630
    • 20 Sessions $1190

    2 PEOPLE

    • 1 Session $100 ($50PP) 
    • 5 Session $470 ($235PP)
    • 10 Session $900 ($450PP)
    • 20 Session $1680 ($840PP)

    3 PEOPLE

    • 1 Session $120 ($40PP)
    • 5 Sessions $560 ($185PP)
    • 10 Sessions $1005 ($335PP)
    • 20 Sessions $1980 ($660PP)

    4 PEOPLE

    • 1 Session $140 ($35PP)
    • 5 Sessions $650 ($162.50PP)
    • 10 Sessions $1200 ($300PP)
    • 20 Sessions $2200 ($550PP)


    Saturday classes

    • 1 Session $25
    • 4 Sessions $80 - Paid monthly

    Pre-existing group PT sessions

    Casual $35

    10 sessions $300

    (enquire for times)

  • Drop in and say "Hello"

    You can find us at 467 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC

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