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    Owner and Head Trainer at Immortal Fitness

    Fitness is my life! I love doing it, helping and watching others do it, studying it and talking about it. Sure, rest is also really important but I just don’t feel right unless I have done something each day.


    The energy and self-confidence and the way I feel now is mostly due to exercise but also the idea of prolonging my life is a key motivator... hence the name Immortal Fitness.


    Hi, I'm Andrew and I have worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. For me, nothing is more important or satisfying, than seeing my clients transform and reach their goals.


    I really enjoy pushing my clients with a range of functional exercises from work with sleds, KB's, battle ropes, box jumps, ball slams to name a few and my clients love it when I incorporate a bit of boxing also. Strength work is quite often a big focus of my sessions but I enjoy helping people with whatever their aims may be.


    I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years with experience in training clients throughout all stages of pregnancy. I am dedicated to ensuring exercise is fun and safe, especially for clients returning after injury or pregnancy.


    I am a mother of two children and understand the importance of parents maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally and being positive role models for their children.
    What I like about working at Immortal Fitness, is the social interactions, friendships and bonds that form within its own community. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere make it an amazing place to be.


    Hi, I'm Ben. I have been training clients at Immortal for the last 10 years. I was even client at Immortal before I became a trainer. I love my job here and the people I work with just as much as I love seeing my clients achieve the results they're looking for.


    I really enjoy the weight loss side of training clients, as well as cardio/endurance and weight training. I just want see my clients happy and achieving their goals.


    I grew up always leading an active lifestyle through swimming, cross country running and professional

    dancing competing nationally. This then led me to becoming a Personal Trainer with now over 6 Years’ experience in the Fitness Industry. I found a passion and love for heavy weight lifting and seeing how it strengthened and sculpted my body to a whole new level lead me to want to compete in the IFBB Pro League Australia as a Bikini Athlete. In 2018 I entered The Victorian State Championships and won multiple titles, leading to take out a second win in The Australian National Championships. I have gained extensive knowledge over the years working with some of the best coaches in Australia, Including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Commando Steve.


    I take a holistic approach to nutrition and training with a strong emphasis on developing a positive mindset and making sustainable lifestyle changes.

    Offering coaching for clients of all experience levels and goals, including fat loss, body sculpting, pre and postnatal, powerlifting, muscle building and competition preparation,

    Weight training is the core focus of my programming.


    I joined the Immortal team this year and have been able to bring a wide range of teaching capabilities; from traditional strength training and functional fitness through to primal movement & mobility to the studio. I hold a passion for teaching beginners and alternative folks who might not usually be comfortable in a traditional gym space; an LGBTQI ally, I often coach musicians, artists, drag queens and performers, creating an enjoyable space for my clients to improve their health and fitness, set achievable goals and get the results they want.


    Before becoming a PT, I was a globetrotting professional dancer, touring internationally with Canadian artist Peaches. Her love of functional training led me to Immortal Fitness- where I honed my ninja skills and was selected to compete on Channel 9’s Australian Ninja Warrior Season 4. Whether I'm coaching weightlifters, Jui-Jitsu competitors, circus performers, or novice first time gym-goers; my goal as a coach is always the same. Empowering a client to feel confident, supported, motivated, and above all to enjoy the process while achieving their health and fitness goals.


    Hi, My name is John. I'm a personal trainer at Immortal Fitness. I've been involved in the health and fitness industry for well over 20 years. Keeping fit has been a big part of my life.


    I focus on strength training and body toning. Feeling confident with who you are is something I try to focus on and bring out in people.


    Often fitness is just about keeping active, having a bit of fun and feeling healthy. Keeping a little more active and fine tuning our eating habits does wonders and will make you feel so much better.


    Having said this I love seeing improvements in people and helping them achieve their goals. This could range from: weight loss, muscle gain, or just developing a level of cardio fitness. Looking forward to meeting you and help you achieve your fitness goals.


    I’ve been a full time personal trainer since 2008. I love helping people of all walks of life to get strong. I try to take the most effective training concepts used by the worlds best athletes, and make them accessible and understandable for everyone.

    My specialties are strength and hypertrophy training, sport specific periodisation, injury rehabilitation and movement pattern correction.


    Hi my name is Ryan. I love Immortal as the atmosphere and values that are displayed fall in line with my own personal values.


    I have been on my health and fitness journey for almost 18 years now. The path this has led me has been down one of many including self discovery of not only my body but my mind and has taught me that specific ways of eating go hand in hand with exercise.


    Training for me is a passion and the thrill of beating my log book every workout is what I have found that helps me hold myself accountable to be a better version of myself everyday.


    Lovingly known as ‘SportzMum’ to a lot of my clients (as well as being an actual mum to 2 active little dudes) - I’ve been part of the Immortal Fitness family for well over a decade now!


    Since becoming qualified in 2008, I have loved every minute of helping my clients achieve their specific goals - from marathons to injury rehab; professional athletes, beginners, parents and everyone in between. My speciality lies in combining traditional and innovative training techniques to assist you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it be specific (such as strength or body recomposition), general functional fitness or recovery - my favourite part is helping you develop a love for your own body by showing you what that rad thing is capable of!


    I am passionate about making fitness a judgement-free, safe, accessible, challenging yet FUN experience for everybody.


    As a trainer, my client's fitness is only one aspect of our focus. Whether it's increasing muscle mass, weight loss &/or all round fitness. Fitness is so much more, establishing mental strength & a positive connection between mind & body to build long term sustainable behavior & the understanding of effective changes.


    Exploring various fitness styles such as Weight training, Functional training & HIIT, each client's needs are met based on strong communication & trust.


    Hi! I’m Sean, the baby of Immortal Fitness.

    Building an effective exercise habit is hard, but I aim to make every session enjoyable, welcoming, safe, and effective, so all you have to do is walk through the door and I’ll handle the rest. While I believe in pushing people to achieve their best every session, I also acknowledge that sometimes a walk and a chat is going to be more useful than 100 burpees.


    You can expect a gentle and supportive trainer, and while I can yell in your ear if that’s what works for you, I prefer to take a kinder approach, with encouragement and compliments. I welcome clients of all levels, from first-timers, to certified gym-junkies, and I can’t wait to help you achieve what you’re after, and then some.


    I love my job, I love helping people, I love exercise, but most of all, I love connecting with other humans. I believe I have just as much to learn from my clients as you have from me, and each session is an opportunity for growth, laughter, connection, and sweatiness.

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